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Christening or Naming Day?

When a baby arrives it is only natural to want to celebrate!  Until a few years ago, parents would automatically choose a christening - even if they were not religious themselves.  But now naming days are becoming common-knowledge, the question on the lips of many new parents is: christening or naming day?  This blog weighs up the pros and cons of both...

What Happens at a Christening?

During a christening a baby is welcomed by the vicar or priest into God's faith.  Parents and Godparents promise to raise the child within the eyes of God and to teach them to follow the Christian faith throughout their life.  It is assumed the family will preach together at the same church following the ceremony for the remainder of their lives.  The baby is then blessed with Holy Water to cleanse them of their sins and those present say a prayer for the child, hymns are also a popular choice.

What Happens at a Naming Day?

During a naming ceremony the child's name is announced as a formal welcome to their circle of family and friends.  Their parents, godparents, even grandparents, make promises directly to the child to always guide and love them throughout their life.  These promises are confirmed by the signing of a certificate.  Together, the congregation gives thanks for the child's safe arrival and the bright future which lies ahead of them.

Which Should We Choose?

This all comes down to your personal beliefs.  If you can honestly say you believe in God, you wish to pass your religious beliefs on to your child and you will actively attend church with them throughout their life, then a christening is probably more suited to you.

If you're not religious, you want to make promises directly to your child and you are looking for a celebration ceremony which is more personalised to your family, then a naming day is likely the best choice for you.