Wedding Ceremonies

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Ceremonies for Couples

"The ceremony Sarah created was perfect for us and I'm sure everyone present enjoyed themselves. There was plenty of laughing and the ceremony was better suited to us than we would have got anywhere else."

Donna & Llyr, Blaunae Ffestiniog

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"Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite."

What Is A Celebrant Wedding?

"Our ceremony was everything we wanted and more, from the bottom of our hearts thank you!"

The main thing to remember is, it is the paperwork that makes a marriage legal - not the ceremony! In other words, don't be made to feel you have to settle for a registry office or church service. The possibilities with a celebrant-led wedding are literally endless!

Celebrant ceremonies are the up and coming way of celebrating your commitment with more couples throughout North Wales and beyond choosing to use a Celebrant than ever before! Here are a few reasons why:

Memorable & Meaningful

"Thank you so much for being such a special part of our day!  It was everything we ever wanted and more!  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!"

Llio & Peris - Conwy

"Thank you so much again for making our special day so special.  You told our story so perfectly and with so much love!"

Cheryl & Andy

"Our dream wedding venue wasn't licensed for marriages, we were devastated as we had fallen in love with it!  Thankfully we met Sarah at a local wedding fayre and she gave us our dream wedding ceremony in our dream venue!  Honestly can't thank her enough for turning a stressful situation into perfection!"

Steph & Craig

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Weddings with Personality

You deserve so much more than a generic ceremony on your big day.  A Celebrant-led ceremony adds a little personality to the proceedings without losing any of the sentiment and as they are not legally binding they are not restricted by licensing laws so can therefore be held anywhere and include any content you wish. (The legal proceedings can be carried out at your local register office for minimal cost, please contact your registrar for more details.)  

Get More For Your Money!

For anyone who has never planned a wedding before it can come as quite a shock to hear that a registrar who will travel to your venue to read a generic script (the same one they will use for the next couple in around an hour!) and hand you a certificate will cost you upwards of £500!  Most couples are baffled and I can understand why!  So why not get more for your money?  Let's break it down:

From the £500 (for example) your registrar and Superintendent Registrar will get a flat fee plus travel costs around £200.  Let's not forget they also take care of the legal documentation which costs around £50 so that leaves around £250 which is used for...who knows?!

A Celebrant will likely charge a similar fee, but included in THEIR fee is:

All correspondence between you, travel costs to and from your venue, taking time to get to know you, writing a ceremony that you are actually happy with, performing the ceremony, a presentation copy of your ceremony script and a commemorative certificate which is signed during your ceremony.  It will also include help writing vows, choosing poems/readings and advise regarding other local suppliers...most importantly it will be a familiar face on the day to calm your nerves and reassure you.  A Celebrant will do everything they can to make your ceremony perfect - it really does matter to them and is not "just another wedding!"

That £500 fee doesn't seem quite so big now does it? So, there has to be a catch right? Remember that legal document I mentioned earlier?  You'll need to attain this separately and it will cost you...£50 (varies slightly in each county) Just £50 stands between you and your perfect ceremony!

How Much Does A Ceremony Cost?

Not as much as you may expect!

I understand that every couple will have a budget in mind and it is my wish to help as many couples to experience the ceremony they dream of within their budget.  There are three options to suit all budgets and I am also happy to discuss installment payments if you feel this may be better suited to your circumstances, please contact me to discuss this further.

For Basic & Bespoke Packages an initial non-refundable deposit of £50 is payable at the time of booking with the remaining balance not due until two weeks before the ceremony.  Script Only Package is payable at the time of order.  Prices quoted below include mileage within North Wales, UK.  Please contact me directly to discuss any additional travel costs if your venue is outside of this area.

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