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Weddings & Vow Renewals

Outdoor wedding

Say Hello to Fun, Romance & Personality!

I love to create real ceremonies about real people which are full of personality and expression. I deliver them in a professional story-telling and relaxed style to put both you and your guests at ease. Choosing me as your celebrant means you can have total freedom on your big day.

"Where Can We Hold Our Wedding?"

  As you can see from the photos about, you can have your ceremony absolutely anywhere! Although I specialise in outdoor ceremonies, I've loved performing all sorts of ceremonies ranging from, garden weddings, woodland weddings, hotel weddings, country house weddings, marquee weddings, beach weddings...I've even performed a wedding underground in a slate mine! All of these options and more are absolutely possible and together we can make your dream become a reality. Let's make your ceremony the one everyone remembers!

Let's Talk Visual Elements & Rituals


This comes from the old Celtic tradition of "tying the knot" where your hands are bound with a beautiful braided rubbon embellished with charms to symbolise your union

Sand Promise Jar

You each have a jar of coloured sand which represents each of you, everything you were, everything you are, and everything you will ever be.  As you each pour your own sand into a new jar, the entwining of the grains of sand symbolises you are giving everything of yourself to your marriage and like the grains you would be near impossible to separate.

Unity Candle

Similar to the sand ritual, you each have a candle of your own which symbolises each of you which you will light at the same time.  You will then use your flames together to light a new  candle to symbolise you are now joined together as one.

Jumping The Broom

This is such a fun way to end your ceremony!  Its a symbol of sweeping away the past and any negative energies and jumping into the future as a married couple.  A fresh start to a lifelong, happy marriage.

How Much Will It Cost?

Not as much as you may expect...first of all let's consider what my fee includes:

* A bespoke ceremony written just for you which reflects & celebrates you both

* A Visual Element or Ritual

* A beautiful keepsake certificate

* Peace of mind knowing your ceremony is in the hands of a fully certified celebrant

* My exclusive attendance at your venue to perform your ceremony

* A ceremony every single one of your guests will love & remember

All this starts from just £460. You can reserve your date from just £50, but note that my availability fills fast so first of all, let's check if your date is still available


Book With Confidence with a Secure Booking

I completely understand that you may be feeling a little worried about booking wedding suppliers whilst there is still so much uncertainty, that's why I want to tell you about my secure bookings.

I guarantee that if you need to reschedule your big day there will be no fees added so the risk of booking your ceremony becomes zero! Your £50 deposit is fully-transferable and guarantees you free updates to your celebration plans.

There is enough stress going on in the world right now so let's help restore your excitement for your big day, book with confidence and start counting down to saying "I do".