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Sequel Weddings

The biggest wedding trend of 2021 is "Sequel Weddings" - but what is a sequel wedding? Here I explain exactly what it means and, more importantly, how it can help YOU claim back your wedding in just 4 easy steps!

What Happens BEFORE the Ceremony?

Sequel weddings are PERFECT for couples who still want to have the wedding they've been dreaming of but also just want to be married already! So, how does it work? Well, sequel wedding couples will book to have their legal ceremony at their local registry office. Many couples do this on their original wedding date but they can book any date they like. Taking just two witnesses and keeping things low key means getting legally married costs them as little as £57! Many couples choose not to exchange rings at the legal proceedings as they see it as "just the paperwork bit" and then set about planning the exciting stuff...

What Happens NEXT?

Once you are legally married you can plan to have your ceremony anywhere you like - even outdoors! This is an absolute GAME CHANGER for many couples, especially with many covid restrictions being a little more flexible with outdoor activities! You then need to find a celebrant (like me!) who you feel you relate to and who is just as excited about your plans as you are! Your celebrant will then get to know you and write a ceremony which reflects you and perfectly compliments your vision for your big day. (I personally go for a down to earth, natural approach to creating ceremonies to ensure they are packed full of personality and you and your guests can relate to the whole ceremony ensuring its unforgettable for all the right reasons!)

What Happens DURING the Ceremony

Your ceremony will look very similar to a traditional wedding (if that's what you want) and you will exchange vows and rings in a ceremony tailored to suit you. The absolute best thing about a celebrant-led ceremony is you can include absolutely ANYTHING! So, whereas a registrar may be strict on songs and poems/readings, with a celebrant there are absolutely no limits to what you can include - you get TOTAL control over your big day, and after the year we've all just had its definitely refreshing to claim back a little control right?? You can still have your beautiful bridesmaids, a bridal procession, best men and ushers, (you even have the option to sign a certificate!) everything you envisioned for your big day can still happen! Oh, and one more thing...most celebrants are totally flexible when it comes to having to amend your date - which is super reassuring in our current climate!  


What Happens AFTER the Ceremony?

After the ceremony you can celebrate with your loved ones (obviously following relevant guidelines) and basque in the newly-married glow! Many celebrants, like myself, offer a beautiful printed copy of your ceremony to keep and even offer you the chance to create a keepsake during your ceremony such as a handfasting ribbon, unity candle or sand promise jar. 


Where to Find a Celebrant

Most celebrants can be found on Google or on social media platforms so a few quick searches should help you locate a few in your local area to have a chat with. For example you might type in something like "Celebrant in North Wales" or "Wedding Celebrant Cheshire" 

The celebrant you choose is a very personal choice so my biggest advice is to not necessarily go with the cheapest or nearest, but to go with the one you feel a connection with. Have a look at their websites, which of them is radiating to you? Which of their styles or personalities are closest to what you're looking for?

Personally, I specialise in ceremonies which are full of personality without losing any of the sentiment, incorporating traditions and adding the odd twist here and there. Most of my clients say they love how "human" I am and I adore the connection we make whilst planning their big days! I hope to get to know you soon too!