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What is a Secular Funeral?

This blog will approach a subject often thought of as "taboo" but I, along with many other celebrants and professionals in the funeral industry, am working hard to help people feel more comfortable to talk openly about death. This blog will answer frequently asked questions around celebrant funerals and humanist funeral.

Coffin with flowers

Floral funeral tribute

What is a Celebrant or Humanist Funeral?

In short, celebrant funerals and humanist funerals focus on the life and character of the person who has died rather than on religion.  It is a popular choice as the majority of people no longer follow religion and their loved ones would rather remember their loved ones' life rather than hear bible passages.  These funeral services are much more personal and offer family and friends great comfort and closure.

Who Has A Celebrant or Humanist Funeral?

Celebrant funerals and humanist funerals are suitable for everyone with many opting for this type of service because:

_ Their loved one requested a non-religious funeral

- They or their loved one are not religious

- They would prefer a service which helps them reflect on their loved one's life and character

- They would like a celebration of life service rather than anything morbid

Photo of a coffin prepared for burial


Coffin prepared for burial

st asaph crematorium, cremation, funeral, chapel, denbighshire

Denbighshire Memorial Park

Inside the funeral chapel

What Happens at a Celebrant or Humanist Funeral?

The celebrant funeral or humanist funeral will focus on the person who has died.  It will tell the story of their life, their achievements, their family and friends, things they will most be remembered for and what they were most proud of.  In some cases it is not possible to talk about the life of the person who has died.  In this case, the focus will be on their loved ones who will give thanks for the love that surrounded them throughout their life, however long or short it was.

Can We Still Include Religion?

This will differ from celebrant to celebrant.  Personally, I have no issues at all with including some religion and have included it fairly regularly.  This is often because many feel there should be a prayer to help console those with religious beliefs without focusing on religion for the entirety of the service, some have a hymn they like and feel this adds a more ceremonial element to the proceedings.  Every family is different, but these ceremonies are more flexible than religious services.

How to Book Sarah for a Funeral Service

I take funeral bookings in 2 ways.  The most common is through a funeral director, who will contact me following their meeting with a family to arrange a service for their loved one.  I will then contact the family directly and make arrangements for the service.  The second is when families contact me directly after finding me online, or more commonly I have been recommended by word of mouth.  We will go through details and then liaise with their chosen funeral director to make a formal booking. 

If you have any questions regarding the funeral services I perform or if you are looking for a celebrant to perform a funeral service, please do get in touch.