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Relaxed Weddings & Informal Ceremonies

If you are planning a wedding and feeling a little overwhelmed by all the formalities - don't worry, you are not alone!  These days you don't have to have a formal ceremony.  I help laid back, fun-loving and informal couples to enjoy the wedding ceremony that suits them without all the pomp and circumstance that (let's face it) can feel a little too forced and old their ceremony goes from dull and generic to fun and lighthearted, read on to learn more...

Boho wedding

Relaxed Wedding Couple

Wedding Photography

What Is A Relaxed Wedding?

If you are wishing your ceremony could sound a bit more...well...normal, you've come to the right place!  I write ceremonies for couples who are looking for an informal ceremony which combines fun and romance in equal measure.  Relaxed Weddings are the Number 1 wedding trend of 2021 and its easy to see why.  Not many of us are naturally formal people so it just makes sense that our most important day is written and spoken in a language we actually use and understand...

What Happens During A Relaxed Ceremony?

Your ceremony will still see you exchange vows and rings, you can even sign a beautiful certificate but it will be written in a relaxed and informal style, and performed in a lighthearted and story-telling style (no more glazed over expressions from your guests yippee!!) You can also create a keepsake during the ceremony such as a hand-fasting ribbon (see picture)


Handfasting Ceremony

Photography by Martin Vaughan

Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

Will It Still Feel Like A Wedding?

Absolutely!  Just because your ceremony is informal it won't be any less special.  Your commitment and love is the main focus of the ceremony so how could it not feel like a wedding? PLUS, guests stay more engaged throughout the whole ceremony and it really does become a huge talking point for the rest of the day (they're not just counting down the minutes until the bar opens teehee!)

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Pop me a message and let's start chatting about your relaxed ceremony!