Naming & Adoption Ceremonies

What Is A Naming Ceremony?

A naming ceremony, unlike a christening, is a very personal service focusing entirely on your little one.  Its also a way of welcoming them to their circle of family and friends who will help to guide and nurture them as they grow.  We will work together to create a ceremony which celebrates your little one's unique personality as well as the bright future and adventures that lie ahead.


What Happens During A Naming Ceremony?

You'll make promises to your little one, appoint godparents/supporting adults, give thanks for their arrival and officially welcome them to their circle of family and friends who will also play important roles in their future.  Whether with or without religion, the entire ceremony celebrates your little one's unique personality and their bright future.

You can also make a keepsake during the ceremony such as a sand wish jar or a unity candle, and you will sign a beautiful certificate at the end of the ceremony to commemorate your little one's special day.


Naming ceremonies can be held absolutely anywhere! Hotels, restaurants, village halls and even in people's homes and gardens, these are just a few examples of places I've performed naming ceremonies over the years.  However big or small your budget I promise to help you make your little one's big day unforgettable, a really special day you can recall to them as they get older.  


How Much Will It Cost?

My fee for naming ceremonies throughout the North Wales area is £180 (please note for ceremonies outside of this area there will be a small mileage fee) A £50 deposit will secure your date and time so pop me a message and let's start planning your little one's big day.


Adoption Ceremonies

Whether you have become a parent by traditional means or you have chosen to adopt, the arrival of a child into your family is something worth celebrating!  Gather your loved ones together to welcome your little one into their circle of family and friends.