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Funeral & Memorial Services

"A funeral is not a day in lifetime, it is a lifetime in a day..."

What is a Funeral Celebrant?

A Funeral Celebrant is someone who will write and officiate a non-religious funeral service which takes the focus from religion and moves it to the person who has died. Funeral Celebrants are becoming increasingly popular as many people no longer follow religion or leave their wishes for a non-religious service.

How Can I Help You?

I have been a Funeral Celebrant since 2017 and I have had the privilege to help so many families as they say farewell to their loved ones. I will sit with you and ask you all about your loved one so I can listen to your memories of them which will give me a good idea of their character. By doing this I will be able to create a ceremony which reflects them, resulting in a really fitting tribute they truly deserve.

Why Choose a Funeral Celebrant?

These ceremonies are popular with those who wish their loved one's service to be more personal and to tell the story of their life, achievements, and memories. It is possible to include a little religion, such as The Lord's Prayer, so you get the best of both worlds, but the focus is on giving thanks for the ways they touched your lives in a dignified and personal service.

Locations Covered

As these ceremonies are of a sensitive nature, I allow much more time to really get to know you and your loved one. This means that at the moment the areas I am currently able to offer these services are limited to: Llandudno, Llandudno Junction, Conwy, Deganwy, Penrhyn Bay, Rhos On Sea, Colwyn Bay, Old Colwyn, Llysfaen, Llanddulas, Abergele, Towyn, Kinmel Bay, Rhyl, Prestatyn, Rhuddlan and St Asaph.

willow coffin

Celebration of Life Ceremonies

There are so many more options for funeral services nowadays to make saying goodbye much more personal and a celebration of the life of your loved one. I will compose a ceremony which celebrates who they were and really reflects on the impact they had on this world. There are many ways we can pay tribute to your loved one to ensure a dignified and unique farewell.

I have a lighthearted blog you may also like to read about secular funerals:

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What Happens at a Burial?

Most burials will follow a funeral service in a chapel but it is possible to hold the entire service graveside.  If you opt for this, it may be worth considering if some mourners may need a seat as the ceremony will likely last around 20-30 minutes. The actual committal is quite short and the coffin will be lowered slowly during this time which is the equivalent to the curtain closing in a cremation. It usually happens at the close of the ceremony and there is a tradition where mourners will scatter mud, flowers, petals, or other items which reflect their loved one onto the coffin once it has been lowered.

What Happens at a Cremation?

Did you know a funeral service can be held absolutely anywhere? It is only the committal which must happen at an approved venue so if you would like to hold your loved one's funeral service in their favourite place or at home you absolutely can.  Once their service is coming to a close they will be taken to a crematorium where the committal will take place.  During this time it is traditional for the curtains to close as a symbol of closure but some families choose to keep the curtains open.


Let's Share Some Ideas

There are so many ways we can reflect your loved one in their funeral service, and I would love to hear more about your ideas so we can give them the send off they really deserve.

Let's Talk

Please let me know how I can help?  You are welcome to call me in confidence on: 


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