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Break the Rules

Throw Away the Rulebook

Isn't it about time the old-fashioned and outdated rulebook was thrown out of the window?? I mean, seriously...have you read that dusty old thing? In this blog I will (hopefully) give you some amazing ideas on how you can completely break the rules and have your wedding ceremony exactly the way you want it...

goth wedding

First things First...

Many couples don't realise that by signing their marriage certificate separately they can free themselves of all the rules and regulations enforced by registrars and clergyman. Just this small change means that EVERYTHING is possible and your wedding day can be as imaginative, fun, relaxed and unique as you like. The sky is the limit so let's get started...

Alternative Weddings

Alternative weddings are fast becoming the most sought-after in the industry, and its easy to see why. More couples than ever are seeking a more "human" approach to their ceremony which says goodbye to the old-fashioned wording and says hello to a script which is totally unique to them (and actually talks their language.) Your wedding ceremony is afterall a celebration of your love and as such it should be a true reflection of the two of you...

boho bride
tipi wedding

Alternative Wedding Venues

You can hold your ceremony absolutely anywhere - even outdoors, so why not choose somewhere extraordinary? A ruined castle, a deserted beach, a magical forest, there really is no limit. Other popular alternative wedding venue choices include tipis and marquees which offer a blank canvas (literally) for you to customise with your own unique look.

Creative Weddings

Your ceremony can contain absolutely anything...want to walk down the aisle to your favourite rock music? Do it. Love the idea of making an entrance together rather than the traditional bridal procession? Go for it.  This is your big moment so you do you. Rock weddings, punk weddings, goth weddings, steampunk weddings, bring it on - the more creative the better...

same sex wedding
star wars wedding

Geek Weddings

If you and your other half love movies, comics, gaming, why not include your favourite characters in your big day? Some of the most popular choices have been Star Wars weddings, Harry Potter weddings, and Game of Thrones weddings. Some couples have gone all out and have dressed their wedding party in costume, others just add a few details to their ceremony, the choice is completely yours...

Biker Weddings

Why not arrive to your ceremony on the back of a hog? Or with a motorbike entourage. If you are a biker couple there is no doubt you will have a biker community behind you, so include your love of riding into your ceremony. 

biker wedding
pets at weddings

Everyone Welcome

Most couples I work with are massive animal-lovers who usually have several pets of their own, so why should our furry (and not so furry) family members not get an invite? Animals can add a real element of fun to a wedding ceremony, but be warned - they usually steal the show!

Top tip...appoint someone you trust to look after your pets for the day and make plans for how long they will stay at your wedding, chances are you will not have much spare time to take care of them on your big day...

night time wedding

You Do You

Everything about you is unique, so your wedding ceremony should reflect that. Whether you choose to say goodbye to tradition fully or you'd prefer to put your own twist on tradition, a celebrant-led ceremony could definitely be the answer.  You so deserve a ceremony which celebrates everything about your relationship and every quirky, fun, and unique facet of your lives together. 

If you're ready to find out more contact Sarah by clicking below...